I'm doing things much the same this year as I did last year.  Since my daugther has a bit of a developmental learning issue (she learns at a slower pace than the average child), we are working primarily with completing all 2nd grade requirements this year, and hopefully moving on to some learning material for the 3rd grade curriculum after January.  We use quite a bit of hands-on material as well.  You can learn about our additional materials and our school day by visiting HERE.


We do several different lessons & worksheets per day.  I use all the workbooks in combination.  Sometimes I rotate them from week to week, just depends on our lessons.

1) 'Love to Read'  32-Page Reading Workbook - vocabulary and reading comprehension

2) Crayola 'Fun With Phonics' Basic Skills Activity Book - Phonics and Spelling

3)  Brain Quest 2nd Grade - phonics, spelling and vocabulary, reading and writing, cursive and language arts, math skills, addition and subtraction, multiplication and fractions, shapes and measurement, time and money, social studies, science

4)  Sylvan Learning 2nd Grade Reading and Math Workout - reading skillbuilders, basic math success.

5)  School Zone Big First Grade book - though we are now working on primarily the 2nd curriculum, there are some phonics and reading sections we plan to complete in this book.

I will reevaluate her reading and math skills after January and see if we shoved move towards some introductory/remedial 3rd grade work.

I will also look into the 'Time For Learning' 3rd grade curriculum after January and see where we sit regarding that program.

Textbook List & Subjects/Topics Learned

Learning Books From The 'Ask Me' Series:

Each book has 14 Learning Sections.  Typically we cover 1 Section Per Day.


1) Can Lizards Disappear? - Reptiles and Birds

2) Do Plants Eat Meat? - Study of Plants

3)  Which Bug Uses a Torch? - Study of Insects

4)  Are My Bones Bendy? - The Human Body

5)  Did Dinosaurs Baby-Sit? - Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals

6)  Who Has a Trumpet Nose? - Mammals

Social Studies & Geography:

1)  Do Rivers Ever End? - Planet Earth and General Location

2)  Who Lived in Castles? - Highlights in History

3)  Who Hid Inside a Horse? - Ancient Times

4)  Who Dances With Dragons? - People and Places

Humanities, Art, & Poetry

Each week we practice reading 1 poem.
And we try to fit in 2 to 3 separate arts & crafts projects per week.

1) Things to Make and Do - A study of art history as well as ideas for arts and crafts projects

2)  Something BIG Has Been Here - Poetry for reading and reciting.

3)  When We Were Very Young - A.A. Milne

Weekly Vocabulary Lessons / Material

My daughter learns best when she's not forced to over-extend herself so we work on 5-10 words per week usually.  Every now and then we repeat a word from a previous year (or lesson), particularly if she's having trouble with the word if if she doesn't remember it.  Sometimes just to review because the word is included in her weekly reading lesson, nothing wrong with practicing!

The First 6 Weeks of School Were Spent Reviewing Last Years Word List of 204+ Word

Words Used from the book 'Wet Walk' (by Cass Hollander)

Week 7:  put how raincoat umbrella boots jumped good across under puddles

Words Used from the book 'My Horse' (by Karen Hjembue)

Week 8:  sleeps eats runs loves drinks walks jumps horse

Words Used from the 'Cool Cats' Phonics Series 'Book 1:  Cool Cats' and 'Book 2:  Cool Cats Tap'

Week 9:  hello cool toot yes stop cop top tom pam sam tap pat pit

Words Used from the 'Cool Cats' Phonics Series 'Book 3:  Cool Cats Hip-Hop' and 'Book 4:  Cool Cats Play Jazz'

Week 10:  dad hid hip-hop bop best step jig jog jam jazz zigzag

Words Used from the book 'Flying Bats!' by Fay Robinson

Weeks 11 & 12:  night ready soon caves open wings birds mammals fur mother's milk insects catch
mouths young rule swooop dart soar  until morning sleepy hang

Words Used from the book 'Read With Dick and Jane:  Jump and Run'

Weeks 13 & 14:  puff jump come pick funny spot play Sally mother father big little down

Words Used from the 'Cool Cats' Phonics Series 'Book 5:  Cool Cats Box' and 'Book 6:  Cool Cats at Bat'

Weeks 15:  park mitt duck kitten skunk meow quack rabbit hint cool 

Words Used from the 'Cool Cats' Phonics Series 'Book 10:  Cool Cats and Kit' and we also reviewed some older vocabulary words with the books 'Kim and Tom's Job' and 'Me Too!'

Week 16:  cute bugle music trumpet want 

Words Used from the 'Cool Cats' Phonics Series 'Book 11: Cook Cats Bake'

Week 17:   bake cake date makes take mistake buy cracks eggs hooray special lour wait

Words Used from the 'Cool Cats' Phonics Series 'Cool Cats Drive'

Week 18:  drives boop house puts wear party piano root dances


Words Used from 'Cool Cats' Phonics Series 'Cool Cats Make Hats'

Week 19:  beak, leaf, bee, beeps, green, indeed, three, beach, each, each, peach, noisy

Words Used from 'Cool Cats' Phonics Series 'Cool Cats Play in the Snow'

Week 20:  snow, throw, cone, home, nose, milk, slope, cold, down, roll, rock, yum

Words Used from 'Scooby Doo Phonics Reading'  Program 'The Cat Came Back'

Week 21:  right, crash, picnic, purred, tail, wagged, off, back

Words Used from 'Scooby Doo Phonics Reading' Program 'Shaggy's Nice, Hot Breakfast'

Week 22:  luck, please, buddy, clock, crusty, snacks, truck, tummy

Words Used from 'Scooby Doo Phonics Reading' Program 'The Ski Lesson'

Week 23:  scarf, ski, slow, snail, sped, sport, first, chocolate, eating, faster, swallowed

Words Used from 'Scooby Doo Phonics Reading' Program 'The Clue in the Closet'

Week 24:  blanket, climbed, closet, flashlight, slippers, slowly, opened, sleep, door, ghost, pajamas, shined, slammed

Words Used from 'Scooby Doo Phonics Reading' Program 'The Birthday Party' 

Week 25:  drinks friend, fries, fruit, pretzels, tray, birthday, card, party, present, treats

Words Used from 'Scooby Doo Phonics Reading' Program 'Shaggy's Cheesy Lunch'

Week 26:  cheese, cherry, choose, shack, shall, shape, start, cheeseburger, jeepers, lunch, wash

Words Used from 'Scooby Doo Phonics Reading' Program 'Scooby Bakes A Cake'

Week 27:  five, time, joke, whole, use, help, little, people, said, eggs, flour, fridge, hungry, milk, wow

Storybooks We've Read (these are in addition to the books used above for vocabulary lessons):

We read a storybook everyday before we start our lessons.  I plan to write them here.  Later I will post links to some online literary resources we use.


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