1st / 2nd Grade Remedial Curriculum 2015-2016

Since my daughter is a remedial learner and works at slower pace than other children her age, currently in the 2nd grade (depending on skill level in certain subjects) we rotate between 1st Grade and 2nd Grade learning material.  Since she came into the First Grade (last year) almost a whole grade level behind, I have decided to officially call this her second year of First Grade so that next year we can start completely fresh as a caught up Second Grader.

However, this has been our curriculum, thus far, for the year of 2015-2016

(At a later time I will backtrack and include our 2014-2015 Curriculum for those who may want it as reference.)


First Grade Books Currently In Progress

Crayola Grade 1 Fun Learning

Get Ready for First Grade Phonics

Little People First Grade

School Zone Basics First Grade

School Zone Grade 1 Math Basics

School Zone Big Workbook First Grade

Brain Quest Workbook Grade 1

Sylvan Learning Reading and Math Workbook Grade 1

Disnep Addition and Subtraction

Beaver Books Grade 1 Math

Disnep Reading Comprehension

First Grade Books Completed

Around The World Workbook

Book List & Subjects/Topics Learned

'World Book's Childcraft' Textbooks:

1)  Art Around Us -A diverse study of arts and crafts throughout the world with specified art projects for art class/creative time

2) Once Upon A Time
-Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Other Short Stories

3) Poems and Rhymes
-A book of poetry, nursery rhymes with emphasis on word sounds

4) The Universe
-A study of the sun, the moon, and the solar system with emphasis on the idea of a structural universe

5) The World of Plants
-The Study of the life of a plant, gardens, and types of plants

6) Around the World
-The study of the seven continents, forms of travel, famous world structures, and maps.

365 Things to Make and Do Right Now!

-A book of 365 art projects complete with a supply list and step-by-step directions for art class/creative time

Making Make-Believe
-fun props, costumes and creative play ideas for art time/the study of arts and crafts

Animals:  A Visual Encyclopedia (By Animal Planet)

-The Animal Kingdom
-All About Mammals
-Omnivores & Carnivores
-All About Amphibians

Antartica by Lucy Bowman

-Study of Antartica
-Sea Life, Penguins, and Weather of Antartica
-Travel, Science and Geographical detail

National Geographical Kids:  Penguins! by Anne Screiber
Eyes on Nature:  Penguins by Jane P. Resnick

-Study of cold climates
-Penguins: facts, mating, chicks life
-Sea Life of Antartica
-Landscape of Antartica

Monster Meat Eaters by Sarah Creese, Jane Horne
Spiders, Bugs, and Other Insects by Sarah Creese

-The Study of Insects

McGraw Hill World Atlas for Students

-General study of maps
-Cardinal directions
-The Study of Map Symbols
-Differentiating Land Masses from Bodies of Water
-Brief description of the Equator

Ripley's Believe it or Not:  World Wonders

-Strange Geographical Phenomenon
-World Wonders of the World

Fossils by Grace Hensen

-What is a Fossil
-Formation of Fossils
-Excavation of Fossils

'Time For Learning' 1st Grade Curriculum
(Online Homeschooling Program):
**subjects already completed are marked off as we complete them**


**Number Sense**
Read Numbers
Compare Numbers
Ordinal Numbers
Whole Numbers
Count Numbers
Place Value
Compare Place Value
Count by 2's and 5's
Odd and Even Numbers


Adding and Subtracting
Place Value
Equal Numbers
1 Digit Addition
1 Digit Subtraction
Sum of Three Addends
Two-Digit Addition
Zero as a Placeholder
Addition and Subtraction One-Digit Word Problems
Problem Solving Strategies
Estimation Language

Coin Values
Count Money
Model Money Amounts
Add and Subtract Money

Sorting Using One Attribution
Sorting Using Two Attributions
Rules for Sorting
Built Patterns
Classify Patterns
Picture and Number Patterns
Repeating and Growing Patterns
Patterns on a Hundreds Chart
Skip Counting
Extend Number Patterns


Straight and Curved Lines
Open and Closed Shapes
Plane and Solid Shapes
Special Plane Shapes
Attributes of Plane Shapes
Name Solid Shapes
Attributes of Solid Shapes
Congruent Shapes

Positions of Objects
Direction Words
Position Words
The Number Line

**Using Shapes**
Slides and Turns
Congruent Shapes

**Spatial Sense**
Build Shapes
Plane and Solid Shapes
Perimeter and Area
Shapes Around Us
Pattern Blocks

Passage of Time
Tools For Telling Time
Time to the Hour and Half an Hour
Elapsed Time

Non-Standard Units
Compare Lengths
Customary Units
Tools and Units
Metric Units

Non-Standard Units
Compare Weights
Customary Units
Metric Units

Non Standard Unites
Compare Capacity
Customary Units

Measure Temperature
Compare Temperature

Tally Graphing
Bar Graph

**Using Data**
Compare Data
Make Predictions


**Living and NonLiving Things**
Distinguish Living and Nonliving Things
Different Animal Environments
Classify Animals

**Earth Science**
Weather Map
Thunder Storms

**Contributions to Science**
Jane Goodall
Animal Scientist

**Surface of the Earth**
Earths Crust

Social Studies

**Wants and Needs**
Human Needs
How Basic Needs are Met

**Compare and Contrast Locations**
Map Skills
Maps and Globes
Recognizing Map Symbols
Cardinal Directions

**Our National Identity**
Historic Places
National Holidays
Cultural Holidays
Patriotic Expressions

**Work in Society**
Helping Hands at Home
Helping Hands in the Community

Weekly Vocabulary Lessons/Material

My daughter learns best when she's not forced to over-extend herself so we work on 5-10 words per week usually.

The First 8 Weeks of School Were Spent Reviewing Last Years Word List of 150+ Words

The Study of Vowels:  Short a

Week 9:  rat hat nap sack back snack lap sat mat bat ant cat

The Study of Vowels:  Short e

Week 10:  egg pet set end hen pen when

**Fall Break for 1 Whole Week**

The Study of Vowels:  Short i

Week 11:  six pig bib fish ship chick

The Study of Vowels:  Short o

Week 12:  log hop got fox frog

The Study of Vowels:  Short u

Week 13:  hug duck but bug sun bus

Week 14:  have this be at fig wig dig pig big

Week 15:  cake shake take brake rake make lake

Week 16:  tug rug bug hug jug dug mug rope

Week 17:  pot hot got lost spot cot plot rot jot

Week 18:  who what when where why while

**Christmas Break for 2.5 Weeks**

Week 19:  ten men then open pen hen den

Week 20:  big dig pig wig dip zip rip sip

Words Used From Studying "Put Me in the Circus"

Week 21:  would could good stay way put very more new

Week 22:  there where here them they this thing

Week 23:  with want what when wish

Week 24:  orange blue green violet one two three four tree

Words Used From Studying "The Fish and the Cat"

Week 25:  fish said moon stars flowers rocks water splash

Words Used From Studying "The Good Bad Cat"

Week 26:  under over game jumped table chair saw mouse house everyone else across

The Study of Vowels:  Long A

Week 27:  cane ate made plane same paste 

The Study of Vowels:  Long I

Week 28:  bike dime like fire ride bite nine kite five

Words Used From Studying "The Bike That Spike Likes"

Week 29:  bike spike likes people truck moved carried store sell buy

The Study of the 'ow' sound and practice words

Week 30:  wow  now  howl  growl cow owl  how town

**Spring Break:  1 Week**

One Week Spent Reviewing/Practicing Previous Words and Assessing Progress

Week 31:  Reviewing Yearly Words and Noting Progress  (172 Words Covered Thus Far This Year as of day 155) 

Words Used From Studying the book "Big"

Week 32:  bath picked cup tub small Mick Jan hop eyes dad

The Study of Vowels:  Long E

Week 33:  bee tree feet see she me leaf sheep

The Study of Vowels:  Long O

Week 34:  rope note goat nose slow bow own

The Study of Vowels:  Long U

Week 35:  true use huge cute tube mule blue

Words Used From Studying "Read a Book"

Week 36:  read book unwind story grind adventure after looking laughter

Total Words for the Year:  204

Story Time Books:


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