We complete our homework Monday through Friday for a total of 179 days per school year.

We usually try to begin our lessons mid-afternoon.  This allows us time to sleep in (one of the many perks of homeschooling!), then breakfast and a little bit of wake-up time before beginning our studies.

Simple Yoga Stretches & Five Minutes of Quiet Meditation: 10 Minutes

Inspirational Teaching:  10 Minutes

Spelling Words, Reading, Vocabulary:  30-40 Minutes

Phonics:  20 Minutes

Time For Learning (all subjects):  45 Minutes -1 Hour

Math:  30 Minutes

Science:  30 Minutes - 1 Hour

Social Studies:  30 Minutes -1 Hour

Art:  At Least 3 Times a Week for 1 hour

Health and Home Economics:  At Least 2 Times a  Week for 1 Hour

We are always working in combination with:

-Time For Learning Online Program
-Books & Textbooks
-Educational Games
-Interactive Books and Online Games
-Hands-On Exploration
-Activities with the dry erase board
-Index Cards
-Learning Cards
-Board Games
-Counting Blocks
-Calendar For Reference (Days of Week, Months of Year, etc.)


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